Best Free Network Monitoring Applications

Network monitoring software can be quite expensive. Prices range from a few dollars per month for computer, and can go up to hundreds of dollars per month for enterprise-level applications. Fortunately, there are several free network monitoring applications as well, and they provide a set of features that is good enough for most people's needs.

Here are some of the best freeware monitoring tools out there.

a) Icinga

Icinga may be a name that's difficult to spell (at least for me) but it is a tool that's got lots of great features. First of all, it is open source software, which means that it doesn't include any nasty modules that would spy your...

Five Arduino-Based Remote Monitoring Projects

As you are probably aware, Arduino is an open source hardware/software combination. The hardware is built using a great variety of components, inputs, outputs and sensors. The software is usually built using the C or C++ programming languages.

Here are some of the most interesting remote monitoring projects that were built using Arduino.

a) Smart Health Kit

This ambitious E-health system helps patients communicate better and faster with their doctors. And if there is an emergency, the patient will be automatically connected to the closest hospital in the area.

A dedicated pulse sensor, a temperature sensor, a GPS and a small display provide all the needed...

How to Choose a Remote Home Monitoring Camera

Besides the video feed provided by any home surveillance camera, it is important to understand that different cameras may have different features.

Some of them may include built-in notification systems, sending you an email when their triggers are activated, and then uploading photos or videos to your FTP account. Others may provide two-way audio, night vision features, and so on.

There are literally tens of thousands of different camera models out there. Here are the top features that you should consider before purchasing one.

Camera connectivity. Most cameras are able to use wired local area connections. But some of them are also able to utilize Wi-Fi connections. Wired cameras have the advantages of increased speed and reliability, while Wi-Fi cameras are much more convenient, because you don't need to run a wire to connect them to the router. However, if you are experiencing signal drop-outs, you can replace the standard, inexpensive Wi-Fi antenna that is bundled with most cameras with one of a better quality. Depending on the antenna size, you may need a short cable adapter...
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